On the Way

2017.03.25-2017.05.06 1F Powerlong Building, No.1399 Xinzhen Road

On the Way--Group Exhibition of Young Japanese Artists


With the economic globalization and the cultural diversity, current Japanese art circles are apparently dominated by works which combine contemporary design with animation as their basic theme, reflecting social realities through the form and content of art. The art development in this period is closely related to changes in social ideology. As a result of history, artists create a new contemporary art of Japan usually in an art way. However, with the changes of the times, the realistic function of art is gradually on longer outstanding, while art works in multiple forms, which are replete with long efforts and innovation of non-mainstream artists, show an increasing value and significance. The rise of contemporary Japanese art witnesses the emergence of artists from the art groups of the past, like Yayoi Kusama, Murakami Takashi, and Nara Yoshitomo. In the world today, with more tolerant concepts and forms, current Japanese art quickly lives into life and still adheres to cultural value and thoughts, accumulating energy for the sound development of Japanese art in new era.

Entering the information age where massive pictures are quickly produced and spread, current young art of Japanese is trying to present the world the amiable and appealing works of art in a calm state of mind, from which people may obtain soul enjoyment and enlightenment, and appreciate the concept of understanding art across boundaries.

This exhibition displays the works of seventeen young artists of Japan. These artists have differences in their attitudes toward oriental and occidental culture and art, while with free, relaxing, and spiritual style of art, they are in common in terms of their worldwide vision, with which the form and freedom concept of current Japanese art are reflected, and realistic forms and spiritual temperaments of self are created.