Intoxication-YangYong works exhibition

2019.09.20-2019.10.14 1F Powerlong Building, No.1399 Xinzhen Road
Every day without painting will be irresponsible for life. Yang Yong, a handsome man who does not like looking himself in the mirror, has lived up to himself. Every time I see him, I always say:“You do have a deep and affectionate heart besides handsome appearance.” He takes what he sees as his inner mirror, interacting with the light to weave an immovable net. Little painters who live in their weak souls like some people adorn the poor skins; medium painters have no objectivity and only rely on their boring feelings to describe limited thoughts; but great painters wield the essence of things like gods let people forget suffering and time. It is the true nature of art that makes Yang Yong's writings light in spring, bright in autumn, beautiful in style and clean in all things. This kind of painting is not his painting. It is his sword that cuts apart the numb and wriggling viewer, breaks the dependence of the solidified viewing mode, and makes people expose their nature in the summer sunshine. Looking at his works, we have no need of anything, even the viewer's heart is superfluous.