East of the East

2019.12.15-2020.01.15 1F Le Méridien Shanghai Minhang

Tranquility is my first impression on Zhuang Hongyi's works, just like admiring a monochrome painting. When you walk closer, you find the seemingly simple and elegant image is slowly unfolding in front of you layers of colors. Zhuang Hongyi has injected a three-dimensional beauty into his works by using folded origami rice-paper flowers. Coupled with his wonderful use of colors, his works present you wonder and joy from every angle and every distance.

With more understanding of Zhuang Hongyi's works, you will find that his works are rich and enthusiastic. The artist, who has lived in the Netherlands for more than 20 years, sprinkles all those dazzling colors of that tulip-covering country on the canvas with bright hues and passionate brushwork. Have a look at Zhuang Hongyi's works, and you will find the pictures are full of love of life, praise of life. Within his works you will always find that touch of color that fits your mood.

Zhuang Hongyi's unique visual expression, full of oriental aesthetics, is elegant and touching. It is precisely our intention to share this artistic inspiration with more people that I, in cooperation with Mr. Jin Geng, curated this "East of the East" exhibition. We want to bring to gallery visitors and collectors in Shanghai this unique palette of Zhuang and his works that integrate Chinese and Western spirits and aesthetics, so that you can enjoy excellent and unprecedented colors.


Wendy Xu

On November 26, 2019 in Shanghai